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Anders Larsson delar med sig av bouleminnen...

15 MAJ 2019 10:32
...och intervjuar. Först ut är Jessica Johansson
  • Uppdaterad: 15 MAJ 2019 10:32

Before reading im sharing a story from WC , Me Ali and Jessica is walking to the courts when some spectators wanting to take pictures with Jessica, Ali and me asked if they wanted us in the picture, they looked at us and said, No Thanks 😎

A: Im sure you will remember Almerimar for a long time , walk us thru the competiton from 1st game all the way to the big finale?
J: We started the competition against our neighbours from Denmark and I think we played well and finally won 13-2. In the final rankings of the Swiss Monrad we ended up in 9th place with 3 wins and 1 loss. In the 1/8-finals we played against Luxembourg and that became a tight game. It could have ended either way, but with an incredibly lucky boule from us (have to admit it) at 12-11 we won and went through to the quarterfinal against Norway and then the semifinal against Canada. That was a mentally tough game with tiredness, tension and of course the will to finally reach that dream of playing a final since I personally had a few bronzes from before. But we managed to win and got to play the WC-final against Thailand. I knew that it was going to be a really though opponent, but at least I wanted to do my best and with no regrets after. We didn’t win but I am a new experience richer, so maybe next time we get to be on top of the podium.
A: You played with a long time friend Matilda, must have been special ? J: Yes, we have played together before, but I think it was 6 years or so since the last time. So a bit rusty but it worked quite alrigth I guess 😉 We complement each other and know how the other one works.
A: Sweden did a very good championship in Almerimar, are you surprized ? J: Honestly both yes and no. I’m a bit surprized that we didn’t go trough in any of the singles and that we actually got all the way to the final in the womens double. But we had a good team with four players that can perform good petanque and with a bit of luck and a good day anything can happen 🙂
A: Favourite moment of the competition ? J: Absolute favorite moment for me is in the final when I make the shot on the jack and then the crowds cheer. Goosebumps.
A: Best player in the competiton ? J: Henri Lacroix and Nantawan Fueangsanit.
A: And finally, how good was it to come home and see your daughter again ? J: I missed her so incredibly much the last days of the trip so it was absolutely wonderful even though she has no idea what I had been up too. But I hope that she can be proud of her old mother one day 😉

Skribent: Lisa Köhalmi
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