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Things to do in Halmstad

Visit the website of Destination Halmstad to find out what to see and do when you are in Halmstad.

The benefits of a small city make beautiful Halmstad easy to enjoy. 

There’s all kinds of art in Halmstad. Discover the city’s history, on the borderland between Denmark and Sweden, step out into the countryside for a real wow experience, or become absorbed in a world of knowledge at one of the city’s museums.

For example you can visit Halmstad Castle.
When Halmstad castle was built at the beginning of the 17th century, Halland was still part of Denmark.
King Kristian of Denmark loved building and commissioned many cities, castles and fortifications to be built around his kingdom including Halmstad Castle. King Kristian has, in Danish architectural history, given his name to a building style known as ‘Kristian VI renaisans’, which is what we now see in Halmstad Castle, especially in the slim tower with its cap.
The castle was probably completed in about 1615 and consists of four rows surrounding a courtyard. The southern row was probably built first and housed royalty when they visited. Halmstad Castle was built as a summer residence for entertainment and relaxation. It is more like the Danish countryside castles of the day than the magnificent royal castle complexes built back then.

Halmstad Castle


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