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Dinner, Friday 4/11:
Poached salmon served with a cold sauce with whitefish roe, green peas, asparagus and dilled potatoes.

Lunch, Saturday 5/11:
Cold platter with regional specialities from Halland, such as marinated chicken, cheese and smoked salmon. Served with homemade bread, fresh potatoes in dill and cold sauce.

Dinner, Saturday 5/11:
The classical Swedish ”Tjälknöl” (”Frost-bump”) – slow cooked beef tenderloin – served with potato gratin and parsley sautéed carrots. 

Lunch, Sunday 6/11:
Rich and tasty beef soup, homemade bread and flavoured cream cheese.

Should anyone who is not registered as a member of a delegation want to buy a food package containing the courses above, they may pre-order one, until Monday (31/10), by sending an e-mail to our EC Coordinator. Price: 70 €.

Closing dinner, to be served at Halmstad Theatre:

Paella with chicken and prawns,
BBQ marinated pork loin,
Roast beef,
Potato gratin,
Green salad, vinaigrette,
Homemade bread.

Vegetarian option is available.

Table water and coffee included.
The bar will be open from 18:00.

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